Good to be home.

Still riding a high after our hometown audiences blew us away last weekend. We tried out a few new songs and some new lighting ideas…gonna make sure to do our best to raise the bar again next time we come through.





Some photos from one of our craziest shows yet. Thanks to Charles Vo 

After watching Patrick Watson’s show every night and getting to know drummer Robbie Kuster much better, I had to ask him for a little lesson in technique.  If you ever get the chance to see this man play drums, you will be blown away.  This picture was taken after our show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, which was definitely one of the greatest on this tour so far.  

The next morning, we decided to drive along the California coast from San Francisco to Santa Barbara along highway 1.  It was one of the most beautiful drives we’ve ever done, and it is WAY better than the I-5.  Seeing this kind of nature helps you feel small again, and it certainly put some ideas into our heads for songs to come.  


welcome to our new online headquarters!

i’m writing from our hotel in London, England on the last day of our European tour. we had our last show at the Sebright Arms last night and it was among the best we’ve ever played…finally got to play some new music too. writing new songs is on the top of our list of priorities these days…lots of new ideas floating around that we’re going to try to tie down as soon as we have a few days. new instruments, new styles…can’t wait. 

hoping that this can be a place where we can keep in touch with you all…we’re always looking for collaborations, artistic ideas, gear tips, new recipes…

more soon!


Call Me in the Afternoon - Video by Czlowiek Kamera